S.NDateName of Megazine
1Up-to-date (Since Jan 2004)CircuiTree
2Up-to-date (Since Jan 2004)Circuits Assembly
3Up-to-date (Since Nov 2007)EMI Asia
4Up-to-date (Since Jan 2004)Hong Kong Engineer
5Up-to-date (Since Jan 2003)IPC Review
6Up-to-date (Since first issue)Journal of HKPCA
7Up-to-date (Since Sep 2007)Microscopy and Analysis
8Up-to-date (Since May 2007) Photonics Spectra
9Up-to-date (Since Jan 2004)Printed Circuit Design & Manufacture
10Mar 2009Footprint 足跡
11Feb 2003 – Mar 2006IEE Review