Agilent 4285A LCR Meter equipped with dielectric test fixture (16451B)

Features of LCR
It is a high efficient solution for material and component measurement. To pursue with the increasing demand of high-frequency signal transmission, it offers a higher test-frequency range, from 75kHz to 30MHz. Equipped with the dielectric test fixture, it is capable of measuring dielectric constant and dissipation factor accurately to meet the requirements for production, quality assurance, incoming inspection, or research and development. It is a higher rank model of the recommended equipment listed in IPC-TM-650 and complies with ASTM D150.

Main Specifications

  • Test frequency: 75kHz to 30MHz with 100Hz resolution
  • Frequency accuracy: ±0.01%


Measurement Parameters

  • Test Fixture, 16451B: 

L (Inductance)
C (Capacitance)
R (Resistance)
D (Dissipation factor)

  • Test frequency of 16451B: Less than or equal to 30 MHz
  • Applicable voltage range: ±42 peak max (AC


Services provided by PCBTC

  • Characteristic dielectric constant and dissipation factor measurement
  • Analysis with standard test methods (IPC-TM-650, ASTM D150)
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