Espec Ion Migration Evaluation System

Features of Ion Migration Evaluation System

The ion migration evaluation system systemizes the environmental test chamber and measurement/evaluation system. It offers continuous, accurate and effective ways to collect insulation resistance data by applying stress voltage over specimens under specific temperature and humidity condition. It detects changes in insulation resistance with high precision and excels in detection of leak current. Flux, resist, solder, resin, conductive adhesive and other materials related to high density PCBs, BGA, CSP and fine-pitch pattern IC packages are suitable for evaluation.

The ion migration evaluation system integrated with two modules. They are Environmental Chamber PL-2KPH and Measurement Unit AMI-050-P.

Main Specifications for the Environmental Chamber (PL-2KPH)

Temp. range:
-40 to + 150°C
Temp heat-up rate :
-40 to + 150°C within 55 min.
Humidity range:
20 to 98% RH
Temp pull-down rate:
+20 to -40°C within 55 min.
Temp fluctuation:

±0.3°C (-40 to + 100°C) /
±0.5°C (+100.1 to + 150°C)

Inside capacity (L):
Humidity fluctuation:
±2.5% RH
Inside dimensions (mm):
500W × 750H × 600D
Temp uniformity:

±0.5°C (-40 to + 100°C) /
±0.75°C (+100.1 to + 150°C)

Outside dimensions (mm) :

910W × 1590H × 973D

Humidity uniformity :

±3.0% RH


Main Specifications for the Ion Migration Measurement System (AMI-050-P)

Channel configuration :
50 channels
Measurement interval :
Min. 0.1hr (0.1hr increment)
Insulation resistance measurement range:

1E6 to 3E13 Ohm
(3μA to 100μA)

Resistance measurement time:
Standard time required for one measurement: approx. 6sec/25 channel + charge time (set by user, charge time may not be set)
Insulation resistance measurement accuracy:

1E13 Ohm /below ±20%
1E12 Ohm/ below ±15%

Leak-touch detection interval :
Continuous (except during insulation resistance measurement)
Leak-touch detection range :
1 to 100μA
Measurement cable :
Teflon coated triaxial cable (1.5m)
Measurement voltage :
DC 3V to 100V (0.1V step)
Connection unit :
Triaxial connector
Opposite polarity :
Ultrahigh insulation resistance meter :
HP4339B (Aglient Technologies Japan, LTD.)
Function to reverse polarity of voltage applied during resistance measurement and polarity of applied stress voltage
Testing time :
Max. 9,999 hours (in 0.1hr steps)
Applied stress voltage range :
Not applied / 3V to 100V DC (3.0 to 9.9V DC in 0.1V steps, 10 to 100V in 1.0V steps. Can be set separate from measurement voltage)

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