Electrochemical Impedance Analyzer
Manufacturer: Princeton Applied Research
Model: VersaSTAT3-450
This instrument is a voltage and current control and measuring device. It is capable of maintaining the potential of the working electrode with respect to the reference electrode. It can also keep the current through an electrolytic cell. It is fundamental to investigations of electrochemical reactions and phenomena by various techniques, which the patterns of the potential or the current over time are different.


  • Mode: Potentiostatic / Gavanostatic
  • Frequency range: 10μHz to 1MHz 
  • Voltage range: ±10V 
  • Minimum resolution: 6μV
  • Voltage accuracy: ±0.2% of reading, ±2mV
  • Current Range: Auto-ranging (8 ranges)

1A (650mA max.) to 200nA (8 ranges)

2A to 200nA (with option)

  • Current Resolution: 6pA (200nA range) 
  • Current accuracy (DC):  ±0.2% of reading, ±0.2% of range