Productivity Improvement
Due to the complicated process flow of PCB manufacture, process optimization and quality assurance are two important keys to sustain a consistent process with excellent yield and productivity. There are experts who have field experience and thorough knowledge background in PCB manufacturing process will confidently advise PCB troubleshoot techniques and quality control.

Failure Analysis
This is to investigate the surface morphology of metal plated bonding pad, hole wall roughness and the constituent of foreign contaminants. All of them are possible source of failure in PCB manufacture. The trick of tackling with the processing problem is to identify the root cause. We are providing service on advanced techniques like high magnification optical microscope and stereoscope, X-ray detected analysis of element, imaging identification of surface morphology

Substrate Characterization
Printed circuit board (PCB) substrate is essential for supporting printed circuit of electronic components. PCB substrate is a laminate material made by pressing together several layers of dielectric material with a curable plastic as binder. Normal functions of the base-board support can be indicated by the mechanical and electrical properties of the substrate materials. High dimensional rigidity, low thermal expansion, high glass transition temperature, high temperature solder endurance and flame retardant are all requirements for a PCB. In order to measure the physical properties of materials, thermal analysis is inevitable to characterize the materials to a temperature program at a defined atmosphere

We are providing thermal analytical service including measurement of coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), glass transition temperature (Tg), specific heat (C), thermal degradation, delamination, tensile strength, etc. through the backup of university in-house facilities.