Thermal Conductivity Analyzer
Model: Anter Flashline 2000 Thermal Conductivity Analyzer
– Thermal conductivity analysis

UV/Vis Spectrophotometer
Model: Perkin Elmer LAMBDA 650
– Spectrum analysis
– Color analysis

Electrochemical Impedance Analyzer
Model: VersaSTAT3-450
– This instrument is a voltage and current control and measuring device.

MultiScope FT-IR Microscope System
Model: FTIR MultiScope Spectrum 100T
– automatically probe the localized infrared spectroscopy of test specimens in various forms such as solids, liquids, gels, slurries, powders, films, etc.

Ionic Migration Evaluation System
Model: Environmental Chamber PL-2KPH Measurement Unit AMI-050-P
– Automatically measure insulation resistance in a variety of environmental test conditions to monitor ionic migration and CAF.

Copper Clad Peel Strength Tester
Model: CECO TA636-10E
– Monitor and test the peel strength of copper clad laminates of which the substrate material could be in epoxies, polyimides, acrylics etc.

Precision LCR Meter
Model: Agilent 4285A LCR Meter equipped with dielectric test fixture (16451B)
– Offer a higher test-frequency range, from 75kHz to 30MHz.
– Equipped with the dielectric test fixture, it is capable of measuring dielectric constant and dissipation factor accurately to meet the requirements for production, quality assurance, incoming inspection, or research and development.
– A higher rank model of the recommended equipment listed in IPC-TM-650 and complies with ASTM D150.

Thermomechanical analyzer
Model: Perkin Elmer TMA
– Measure the change in dimension of PCB sample as the sample is heated, cooled and held at constant temperature.

– Measure Tg, CTE

Portable Laser beam Diagnoser
Model: Dataray BeamScope-P5
– Qualify laser/diode laser characteristic
– Laser assembly development, alignment, characterization, production test & QA.

Infrared Thermo Tracer
Model: TH9100 MRI Infrared Thermo Tracer
– Thermal coupling analysis between components in PCB
– Defects, guides device layout identification

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