Dissemination of Manufacturing Technologies in Through-hole Production in Miniaturization of Electronics Packaging Substrate (AF/228/99)

The project aims at pursing advanced technologies in relating to the development of electronic and microelectronic industries. One is to employ hi-speed laser technology in fabricating microvia in tape substrate, which is the basic backbone for advance packages such as Tape Ball Grid Array (TBGA) and Chip Scale Packaging (CSP). The other is to develop plating technology in microvia metallization, in which the aspect ratio (hole depth divided by hole diameter) is greater than one. Therefore, this project provides technology development of advanced techniques for the substrates industry. Through all its deliverables such as seminars, workshops, feasibility studies, exhibition, consultancy services, etc, this project will disseminate those advance PCB manufacturing technologies to the local industry.

This project provides local microelectronic substrate manufacturers the much-needed technical support for high-end substrate fabrication through the application and adoption of microvia technologies. Through all its deliverables, the project will benefit microelectronic substrate manufacturers in following:


  1. To adopt the technology for microvia formation in multilayer tape substrate;
  2. Through the application of blind and buried via, the layer count goes down and a better electrical performance is achieved;
  3. To adopt the advanced metallization technologies for excellent formation of high aspect ratio microvias;
  4. To master these technologies to meet the demand of high density “package-to-board Interconnection” such as TBGA and CSP which is a critical element of miniature electronic appliance.

Project Commencement Date:

January 1, 2000

Project Completion Date:
Mar 31, 2003

Principal Investigator:
Dr. Winco K.C. Yung
Tel (852) 2766-6599

Project Team Member:
1.Dr. Winco K.C. Yung
2.Prof T.M. Yue
3.Prof. W.B. Lee
4.Mr. C.P. Lee
5.Mr. Steven Tam
6. Mr. Calvin Yeung
7.Ms. Carrie Cheung

Sponsoring Company:
1.Compass Technology Co. Ltd.
2.Wong’s Circuit Ltd.
3.Elec & Eltek Int’l Ltd.
4.Oriental Printed Circuits Ltd.
5.Flextronics Int’l (Astron Group Ltd.)
6.Carven Circuits Ltd
7.ASAT Ltd.
8.ASM Pacific Technology Ltd.
9.IBM HongKongLtd./Microelectronic Division
10.Ocean Manufacturing Ltd.